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Detailed acoustic evaluation of the shape of the synagogue envelope in order to achieve maximum noise scattering and prevent acoustically "dead" areas. Evaluation of materials for synagogue interior in order to achieve optimum reverberation time and also prevention of excessive background noise (particularly from air conditioning systems) that may affect speech intelligibility.

Har Hamor Yeshiva

Bnei-Tora Synagogue-Har Nof

The Churva Synagogue

Gefen Neighborhood Synagogue


- "Mayan Ganim" Synagogue, Petach Tikva
- Bnei David Yeshiva Academy, Eli
- Ner Tamid Yeshiva Academy, Chashmonaim
- Ma'ale Chever Yeshiva Academy
- "Reshit Chochma" Yeshiva Academy
- "Nir" Yeshiva Academy, Kiryat Arba
- "Chorev" Yeshiva High School Library, Kiryat
- "Midbara Ka'eden" Yeshiva Academy, Mitzpe
- Yeshiva High School, Kiryat Arba
- "Nishmat" girl's Yeshiva Academy
- "Ntivot Yosef" Yeshiva Academy. Mitzpe
- Or Yehuda Yeshiva Academy
- Kaminitz Yeshiva Academy, Yechezkel St.
- Har Hamor Yeshiva Academy
- Midreshet Netzarim
- Kiryat Arba girl's High schhol
- Mitzpe Ramon Yeshiva Academy
- "Ztlota De'Avraham" Yeshiva Academy
- Religious seminary for agriculture and
  jewish law
- "Ma'ane Simcha" seminary
- Itamar seminary
- Elazar Synagogue
- "Nitzanim" Synagogue
- Bnei Tora congregation synagogue
- Asher Synagogue, Baka Jerusalem
- "Tnu Shevach" Synagogue, Beitar Ilit
- "Zait Ra'anan" Synagogue, Efrat
-"Ohel Ari" Synagogue, Ra'anana 
- Susia Synagogue
- The Churva Synagogue
- Slonim Chassidic congregation Synagogue 
-"Shivtei Israel Synagogue, Modi'in
- "Mishkan Tzipora" Synagogue, Zait Efrat
- "Esh Kodesh" Synagogue
- Moshav Midrach Oz Synagogue 
- Talmon Synagogue
- Revava Synagogue
- Dolev Synagogue & Mikve
- Neve Talmon Synagogue
- Carmel congregation Synagogue
- Matityahu Synagogue
- Homat Shmuel Synagogue, Jerusalem
- Nitzan Center Synagogue
- "Matmidim"  Synagogue, Beitar Ilit
- Enav Synagogue
- "Gnei Romema" Synagogue, Jerusalem
- "Tiferet Israel" Synagogue, The Jewish Quarter,
- "Ramot Beitenu" Synagogue, Jerusalem
- Or Shalom congregation- Beit Shemesh
- "Venatati shalom Ba'aretz" synagogue
- "Adat Yeshurun" Synagogue, Zurich Switzerland
- "Raba Emunatech" Synagogue, Baka Jerusalem
- "Aderet Eliyahu" Synagogue
- "Ohev Israel" Synagogue, Bait Vagan
- Dekel congregation Synagogue, Efrat
- Cochav Yakov Synagogue
- Kahanman Synagogue, Shoafat Jerusalem
- "Yismach Moshe" Synagogue, Ganei Tikva
- Gefen Synagogue, Efrat
- Rosery Sisters Church
- Neriya Synagogue, North Talmon
- Mitzpe Netofa Synagogue
- Romano House, Hebron
- "Beit Haro'e" Synagogue, Ramot
- Lalov Synagogue, Bnei Brak
- Central Synagogue, Beit Hakerem
- Netzarim Synagogue
- Lubavitch Synagogue, Ramat Shlomo
- Ma'ale Chever Synagogue
- "Ahavat Shalom" Synagogue
- Shilo Synagogue
- "Hatzur & Hatzohar" Synagogue, Tzur Hadasa
- Tal Menashe Synagogue
- Dati Leumi congregation Synagogue, Beit
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